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Prof. Itzhak Ben-Israel···· Philosophy of Physics· (PhD: Tel-Aviv University, 1988)····

Prof. José Brunner···· Modern Political Theory; Psychoanalysis and Politics· (PhD: Oxford University, 1987)···

Prof. Leo Corry···· History and Philosophy of Modern Mathematics· (PhD: Tel-Aviv University, 1990)···

Prof. Menachem Fisch···· Rationality Theory; History of Early Victorian Science· (PhD: Tel-Aviv University, 1986)···

Prof. Gideon Freudenthal···· Philosophy of Science· (PhD: Freie Universität Berlin, 1980)··· 

Dr. Snait Gissis···· Interactions between sociological and biological thinking (18th to 20th century), The Enlightenment, Race and Racism, Sociology of Science· (PhD: Tel-Aviv University, 1997)···

Dr. Ahmad Igbaria, Islamic Philosophy and Science (PhD: Haifa University, 2010)

Prof. Eva Jablonka··· History and Philosophy of Biology and the Theory of Evolution· (PhD: Hebrew University, 1988)···

Dr. Shaul Katzir, Modern Physics, Technology and Society (PhD: Tel Aviv University 2003)

Dr. Ehud Lamm··· Philosophy of Science, History and Philosophy of Biology, The Theory of Evolution (PhD: Tel Aviv University, 2010)···

Prof. Adi Ophir··· Cultural Studies· (PhD: Boston University, 1984)··· 

Prof. Yossef Schwartz··· Medieval and Early Modern Intellectual History·· (PhD: Hebrew University, 1996)···

Prof. Carlo Strenger...Psychology and Philosophy.. (PhD: Hebrew University, 1989)... 

Dr. Ido Yavetz··· History of Technology; History of Modern Physics; Ancient Astronomy·· (PhD: Tel-Aviv University, 1989)···

Prof. Moshe Zuckermann··· History and Philosophy of the Social Sciences; Aesthetic Theory·· (PhD: Tel-Aviv University, 1986)

Junior Faculty Members

Dr. Ori Belkind... Philosophy of Science; Phlosophy of Physics; Early Modern (PhD: University of Washington, 2004)

Mr. Itzik Yosef...Modern Physics, Philosophy of Science



Prof. Zev Bechler··· Philosophy of Science······

Prof. Sabetai Unguru··· History of Ancient Mathematics; Medieval Science

Prof. Rivka Feldhay···· Science and Religion in Early Modern Europe· (PhD: Hebrew University, 1986)···


In memory of

Prof. Amos Funkenstein (1937-1995)

Prof. Yehuda Elkana (1934-2012)