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Archive 1

Yidishe oytobyografyes / Der veg tsu zikh

The initial texts in the Erdman Archive are drawn from the teaching materials prepared for the Goldrich/Goldreich Families – Beth Shalom Aleichem Seminar in Yiddish Studies at Tel Aviv University from the summer of 2008. Entitled "Yiddish Autobiography", this was the course packet prepared by Prof. David Roskies of the Jewish Theological Seminary. The text of Rozia Shpayzer is used by permission of the YIVO Archives and transcribed by Eliezer Niborski.

Pirkey Oves 24:5

Mendele Moycher Sforim: Hakdome tsu Shloyme rov Chaims (1894)

Y. L. Peretz: Mayne zikhroynes (1914) Kap. 1-3, 6-8

Max Weinreikh: Der weg tsu undzer yugnt (1937)

Rozia Shpayzer: Ester oytobyografye (1939)

Mani Leyb: Ikh bin (1932)

Ana Margolin: Mayn shtam redt (1921)

A. Leyeles: Mayn tate (1937)

Y. Glatshtein: Oytobyografye (1929), Oytobyografye fun an intelekt (1966)

A. Sutskever: Sibir (1936)