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Introduction of the MA

Our MA offer a series of intimate encounters with the classical texts of Jewish culture, from biblical to modern times. Its intellectual home is in the department of Hebrew Culture Studies at Tel Aviv University, the single largest integrated Jewish Studies department in the world.

Our courses are taught by a team of  Israeli and international dedicated lecturers, with world-class expertise in their respective fields and utterly committed to teaching excellence.  All courses combine cutting edge research and the pursuit of ideas with a great emphasis on textual proficiency and reading skills.  Primary texts are studied in Hebrew (with translations) and secondary reading and teaching are in English.  Our aim is to provide the skills and tools that constitute the foundation of Jewish text study, whether in the university, the synagogue or other religious institution, or for personal benefit.


Our MA  provides an excellent foundation for further graduate studies in Jewish Studies and other fields involving text work. It attracts Humanities graduates from all over the world.  Its graduates are well equipped for work in Jewish and other communities, synagogues and churches, museums, charities, and many branches of education.


 alt A New Text and Laguague Track

Academic Focus: Courses focus on Biblical and Rabbinic Hebrew and Aramaic, alongside intensive text work with Biblical, Second Temple and Rabbinic literature.


Targeted audience: The new track is designed for students with strong undergraduate degrees in Jewish Studies and a good working knowledge of Hebrew who want to develop the textual and linguistic skills required to master classical Jewish texts.

It will suit especially students hoping to enter doctoral programs.

Admission to the Advanced Track is conditional upon performance in a Hebrew proficiency test at the end of the first semester.


Please contact us if you are interested in specific courses, or are visiting Israel for just one semester.  We can arrange academic credit in consultation with your home institution.


Extra-curricular activities

We are keen to help our students to interpret the texts they study in their  cultural and historical contexts.  Tel Aviv's location provides excellent opportunities for on-site study.  Students can enhance their understanding of 1st CE texts  through a series of trips and site visits throughout Israel.

Our MA offers optional Hebrew Language classes through TAU's Ulpan. Students can opt for an intensive course before the academic year begins, as well as from advanced courses during the year. Students who are already comfortable in modern Hebrew are warmly invited to attend courses from the regular Masters program in the department of Hebrew Culture Studies. Students can as well take elective courses from our sister programs in Archeology, Middle East and Israel Studies.



  • BA Degree (minimum grade:  80 [GPA 3] from an accrediated institution recognized by Tel Aviv University); 
  • TOEFL for non native English Speakers.

Previous academic studies in a field of Jewish Studies, including basic Hebrew: an advantage


Fees and Expenses

  • Tuition: $16,000 (including academic fees, access to campus libraries, academic trips throughout the year, health insurance, and membership in the Student Union.)

  • Ulpan (optional): several possibilities are offered :

-          Six week summer ulpan: $  1,700 

-          Short summer or the winter session:  $1,450

-          Single Semester Hebrew course (from 4 to 6 hours a week) $500

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Tution assistance

Information on scholarships for study in Israel can be found here.

Thinking of applying?

Please contact the program coordinator, Emilie Levy  or open a profile on the portal.