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Summer 2013: The Study of Jewish-Christian Encounters in the Early Centuries 




The Department of Hebrew Culture Studies at Tel Aviv University is pleased to offer an intensive six week summer school in Jewish-Christian Encounters in the Early Centuries

The heavily text-based classes will be taught in English and are especially tailored for advanced students in ancient Judaism and early Christianity.  

The program will examine rabbinic literature and its cultural context, with attention to how they intersect with Early Christian texts and society through two courses:



Jewish-Christian Encounters in the First Centuries, taught by Dr. Shai Secunda

Judaism grew into the religion we recognize today during the first five centuries of the first millennium of the Common Era, when rabbinic texts and culture crystallized.  Judaism's character was not forged in a vacuum, rather through encounters with different religious communities and especially with its close "relative" Christianity.  How did the rabbis perceive Christians and Christianity, which in some ways were strikingly familiar but also bewilderingly foreign, and what did this encounter mean for the development of Judaism and Christianity?  

This course will look at rabbinic literature and its culture, and the way these intersected with Early Christian texts and society.  Given the centrality of the Babylonian Talmud - a product of late antique Iran - for the formation of normative Judaism the course will pay close attention to interactions between Jews, Christians, and their textual traditions within the vibrant inter-religious space of the Iranian Empire. 



Studying Jewish and Christian Cultures: Weekly Guest Lecture from Cutting Edge Scholars

Delve into issues in the study of Jews and Christians in late antiquity.  These weekly lectures given by world-renowned   faculty from throughout Israel.  Presenters include: Prof. Ishay Rosen-Zvi (Tel Aviv University), Prof. Mouli Vidas (Princeton University), Prof. Raanan Boustan (UCLA), Dr. Eli Lizorkin Ezenberg (Hebrew University) and others!



Bi-weekly trips throughout Israel to connect classroom material with onsite excavations and hands-on visits. 

Trips include learning expeditions to Gallilee, Jerusalem, and other sites based on integrated class materials. 



Program dates:

July 7 to August 15, 2013


Application deadline:

May30th 2013 (after May 30th applications will be considered on a case by case basis).



$3,000, which includes the tuition, tours, insurance and access to the library







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