Lecturer in Archaeology



BA, MA, PhD – Tel Aviv University

PhD dissertation: "Contacts between the Greek World and the Southern Levant during the Seventh-Sixth Centuries BCE"

Current Projects

  • Ashdod-Yam Archaeological Project, Director: http://www.ashdod-yam-archaeological-excavations.com/
  • Greeks in the East during the Iron Age
  • Eastern Slope of Ancient Joppa: Final Report of the Excavations
  • Tell Qudadi - Final Report of the Excavations
  • Rehydroxylation (RHX) Dating Method for Archeological Ceramics
  • Chronology research track within the project 'Reconstructing Ancient (Biblical) Israel: The Exact and Life Sciences Perspective'


Selected Publications


Selected Articles

Research Students

MA Students

  • Molly Eldar, 2013: "The Early Phoenician Expansion to the Western Mediterranean: When and Why?"
  • Adam Kaplan: "Kefar Veradim Cave 3: A Re-examination".
  • Oron Schwartz: "The Transition between Iron Age I and IIA in Light of Qiryat-Ye'arim Excavation" (with Dr. Gabriel Barkay).
  • Gennadiy Shoykhedbrod: "Pax Assyriaca: Did Assyrian Imperialism Introduce Economic Prosperity in Judah?" (with Prof. Oded Lipschits).
  • George Mavronanos: "Iatnana and the Assyrians: Illuminating the Role of Cyprus within the Trade Network of the Assyrian Empire".

PhD Students

  • Elon Heymans: "The Early History of Money and Monetary Exchange in the Eastern Mediterranean Iron Age" (with Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Prof. Irad Malkin).


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