Rethinking Diaspora Series by De Gruyter

Inter-disciplinary Research on Jewish History


The Rethinking Diaspora series focuses on the evolution of Jewish language, literature, communal life and religious ideology outside of the Land of Israel and in relation to it. The approach is inter-disciplinary with an emphasis on mutual influences between Jews and their non-Jewish environment. The series welcomes studies that span different periods and a variety of geographical areas.


Published by: General Editor: S.T. Reif, S. Goldin, N. Ilan and A. Lehnardt
Publishing Manager: A. Meroz, De Gruyter 





 Priests in Exile

Death in Jewish Life

אוניברסיטת תל אביב עושה כל מאמץ לכבד זכויות יוצרים. אם בבעלותך זכויות יוצרים בתכנים שנמצאים פה ו/או השימוש
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