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The MA program in Child and Youth Culture Research is a multidisciplinary program that provides students with a conceptual foundation in child and youth culture research and knowledge of this culture’s various facets in their historical, social and contemporary contexts. The program includes the following areas of specialization: childhood and its place in society; histories of children and youth; institutions and their influence on the lives of youth; intergenerational cultural discourse including children’s textbooks, literature, newspapers and television; and youth platforms of discourse, particularly digital media.   


The program is the only one of its kind in Israel, and its faculty consists of renowned scholars who are pioneers in the field of childhood and youth studies.


Students may choose from two tracks

  • Thesis track (28 credits)
  • Non-Thesis track (36 credits)


The thesis track addresses the growing demand of researchers wishing to specialize in the field and write an MA thesis or doctoral dissertation.


The non-thesis track is intended for students and professionals in fields related to children’s and youth culture including kindergarten, elementary and high school teachers, librarians, editors, writers and publishers, illustrators, communications, media and film professionals, lawyers, social workers and psychologists, wishing to broaden their knowledge in the field.



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