Kipp Center for Hebrew Literature and Culture

Kipp Center for Hebrew Literature and Culture was founded in 1970 as "Katz Institute of Hebrew Literature."

The center facilitates the research of Hebrew Literature and the publication of both research and academic editions of literary works, focusing on Hebrew Modernism and the writers of the 1948 generation. 

Located in the Chaim Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies, the cetner houses the archives of over forty prominent Hebrew writers, including Natan Alterman, Tirza Atar, Abraham Shlonsky, T. Carmi, Yehudit Hendel, Alexander Penn, Moshe Shamir, Aharon Meged and others.

Prof. Michael Gluzman is the director of Kipp Center.


Kipp Center, along with Hakibbutz Hameuchad, is the publisher of OT: A Journal of Literary Criticism and Theory.


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