Samurai in White Robe

סמינר מחלקתי

19 במרץ 2019, 12:00 
בניין גילמן - חדר 449 
Samurai in White Robe

החוג ללימודי מזרח אסיה באוניברסיטת תל אביב
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The Department of East Asian Studies at Tel Aviv University
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Prof. Michael Shiyung Liu
Jiaotong University and UPenn

Samurai in White Robe

Chair: Dr. Reut Harari

This paper will portray the transformation, assimilation and diffusion of west-ern medicine from Tokugawa samurai society to the early Meiji state. The contradiction between modern and traditional medicine has been overwhelm-ingly discussed by scholars on early medical modernization in Meiji Japan. However, a harmony of professional and social norms existed underneath the surface of conflict. I hope to portray the diffusion of western medicine in Ja-pan as a process of transformation and assimilation of western medicine with traditional Confucian norms and cultural imagination.


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