Order and Disorder in Asia

03 ביוני 2019, 9:00 - 18:45 
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Monday, June 3:

09:00 Coffee and Registration

09:15 Greetings


Religion, Society and Politics

Chair: Ronie Parciack, Tel Aviv University



Frederick Smith, Iowa University

“The Narration of History and the Challenges of Women’s Education and Outmigration in the Himalayas”



Kathinka Frøystad, University of Oslo

“Kamini and the Cardamoms: The New Hindu India Against Itself”


11:00-11:30 Coffee Break



Keynote Speech:

Yaron Oz, Rector, Tel Aviv University

“Hidden Order in Chaos”


12:30-14:00 Lunch


Religion, Society and Politics—cont.

Chair: Reut Harari, Tel Aviv University



Lucia Michelutti, University College London

“Protection and Extortion: an Ethnography of (dis)Order in a Provincial North Indian Town”



Miriam Kingsberg Kadia, University of Colorado

“Epistemological Revolution in Japan’s Long 1968”



Maika Nakao, Nagasaki University

“Religion, Order, and Disorder from the Christian History of Nagasaki”


16:15-16:45 Coffee Break



Buddhist Responses to War and Moral Chaos

Chair and Discussant: Roy Tzohar, Tel Aviv University


Nancy G. Lin, University of California, Berkeley

“Making Sense of War in Eighteenth Century Tibet”

Jonathan C. Gold, Princeton University

“Buddhist Moral Models for a Post-Truth Era”


Tuesday, June 4:

Geo-Political and Socio-Political Order

Chair: Asaf Goldschmidt, Tel Aviv University



David Mervart, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

“Visions of Disorder in Tokugawa Japan: The Aging Body Politic and its Bullion Bodily Liquids”



Ori Sela, Tel Aviv University

“Ordering All Under Heaven: Ritual, Human Relations, and Philology in Qing China”



Joachim Kurtz, Heidelberg University

“Sovereignty Rests in Heaven: Confucian Revivalism and the Re-enchantment of China’s Social and Political Order”


12:15-13:45 Lunch

Geo-Political and Socio-Political Order—cont.

Chair: Liora Sarfati, Tel Aviv University



Shellen X. Wu, University of Tennessee

“Constructing Geo-Modernity in East Asia”



Lijing Jiang, Colby College

“Aquaculture and the East Asian (dis)Order: Social Imaginaries in Fish Farming Technology across the ‘Bamboo Curtain,’ 1954 – 1976”



Reut Harari, Tel Aviv University

“Medical Order in the Disorder of Occupation: the History of Military Medical Encounters during the War in China (1937-1945)”



Round Table: Order and Disorder in Asia

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