China and the “Mid-Med”: Contemporary Perspectives

07 ביולי 2019, 8:30 - 19:30 
בניין גילמן, חדר 496 
ללא עלות
כנס סין והמזרח התיכון/אגן הים התיכון


An International Conference—Program


08:30 Greetings:

Matan Vilnai, Major General (Ret.), Ambassador to China, President of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce

Ori Sela, Tel Aviv University (Associate Professor and Chair, Department of East Asian Studies)

08:45 Opening Remarks:

Aron Shai, Tel Aviv University (Professor for East Asian Affairs, Pro-Rector)


09:15 - 11:00 Panel 1: Great Power Competition in the New Era

Chair: Enrico Fardella, Peking University (Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Mediterranean Area Studies) and ChinaMed Research Program (Director)

Douglas H. Paal, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Vice President for Studies and Director of the Asia Program)

Strategic Competition between the US and China: The Turning Point

Shi Yinhong, Renmin University of China (Professor and Director of the Center on American Studies)

China-US Rivalry in the Recent Past, Present, and Future

Ivan Timofeev, Russian International Affairs Council (Director of Programs)

Russia and the Future of International Order


11:00 - 11:15 Coffee break


11:15 – 13:15 Panel 2: China and the Middle East

Chair: Paul Rivlin, Tel Aviv University (Associate Professor, The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, MDC)

Brandon Friedman, Tel Aviv University (Assistant Professor and Director of Research at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, MDC)

The China-Saudi Arabia Nexus: Pakistan

Andrew Scobell, RAND Corporation (Senior Political Scientist)

China’s Search for Security in the Middle East

Yoram Evron, University of Haifa (Associate Professor at the Department of Asian Studies)

The Middle East in China-Japan Relations: Non-confrontational Competition

Wu Bingbing, Peking University (Associate Professor and Director of Institute of Arab-Islamic Culture)

China and GCC


13:15 – 14:45 Lunch


14:45 – 16:30 Panel 3-China and the Mediterranean region

Chair: Brandon Friedman, Tel Aviv University

Enrico Fardella, Peking University

A New Intermediate Zone: The BRI, the Med and Italy

Altay Atlı, Koç University and Boğaziçi University (Adjunct Professor)

Relations Between Turkey and China: Expectations of Increasing Economic Interdependence

Ori Sela, Tel Aviv University

Sinophiles and Sinophobes: Facts, Fiction, and History from an Israeli Perspective

Andrea Ghiselli, Fudan University (Researcher) and ChinaMed Research Program (Project Manager)

Instability in the Mediterranean, a Chinese Solution?


16:30 – 16:45 Coffee Break


16:45 – 18:45 Panel 4- China and Belt and Road’s Functional Infrastructure

Chair: Gadi Ariav, Tel Aviv University (Associate Professor, Ret., Management of Tech & Information, Global Business, Business Consulting)

Massimo De Andreis, Studi e Ricerche per il Mezzogiorno (Chief Director)

China’s Growing Role in the Mediterranean

Zeno D'Agostino, Port Authority of Trieste (President)

How to Escape the "Red Ocean": (Re)Thinking Med-China in the Port Sector

Yigal Maor, Israeli Transportation Ministry's Administration of Shipping and Ports (Director General)

To Be or Not to Be? Israel's Integration into the MSR Concept

Onno De Jong, Ecorys, Rotterdam (Advisor)

Changing the Playing Field:  the BRI Project and Its Implications for the European Maritime Economy


18:45 – 19:15 Discussion


19:30 Dinner


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