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The Ofakim Program is a unique undergraduate program offered by the Tel Aviv University to qualifying students demonstrating academic excellence.


Graduates of the program are granted a B.A. as well as a Teacher's Certification in Jewish Philosophy. Students in the program enjoy a full scholarship and a generous monthly stipend.


The program offers courses that deal with questions of Jewish and Israeli culture from a critical and secular point of view.


The program offers:

  • Leading experts in the field of Jewish Philosophy teach specially tailored courses to small groups
  • Teacher's Training Program combines theoretical knowledge with real-world practical experience as students teach weekly at high schools in the Tel Aviv area
  • Full scholarship
  • Generous monthly stipend for the durations of the academic year allows students to concentrate on their studies free of financial worries
  • Students are acquainted with Israel's current leading lecturers, organizations and activities in the field of Jewish and Israeli culture
  • Students commit to teaching Jewish Philosophy in a high school in Israel for three years upon graduating from the program


The Ofakim Program was established in 2004 with the generous funding of the Posen Foundation and in cooperation with Tel Aviv University's School of Education and the Department for Hebrew Culture.


The goal of the Ofakim Program is to train and nurture outstanding students to become Jewish Philosophy teachers in the secular public school system. To this end, the main effort is devoted to fostering intellectual and social skills of students and develop their leadership potential.


Students in the program are offered a unique curriculum, both academically and pedagogically.


We are accepting applications NOW!


Tel. +972-3-640-7972


email: shirazimmerman32@gmail.com

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