Academic Staff


Prof. Shaul Katzir

The head of the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas and the director of "Philosophy Science and Digital Culture." He specializes in the history of science and technology in their social, philosophical, cultural, and practical context, from ancient Greece to the present, with a special emphasis on the development of physics and related technologies in the 19th and 20th centuries.




Prof. Yoav Ariel

A world expert in Chinese philosophy and translator from classical Chinese to Hebrew of central texts in Daoist philosophy and religion. He specializes in comparative philosophy and in digital humanities.







Prof. Menachem Fisch

Joseph and Ceil Mazer Professor of History and Philosophy of Science Emeritus, and Director of the Center for Religious and Interreligious Studies at Tel Aviv University. He specializes in philosophy of mind and self, the critical nature of normativity and rationality, the nature of scientific revolutions, Talmudic dialogue, and philosophy of emotions and its political contexts.

 Menachem Fisch-





Dr. Ilana Arbel

The academic advisor of the program. She specializes in modern and postmodern political philosophy, from Thomas Hobbs, J. J. Rousseau, to Karl Marx, Max Weber, Karl Popper and Michel Foucault.





Dr. Shai Biderman

specializes in philosophy of film, media, and popular culture, and in the relations between contemporary media theories and philosophy.





Dr. Carmel Weissman

Specializes in digital culture, focusing on digital discourse, religion and technology, algorithmic culture, and the posthuman aspects of technological culture.​ 




Dr. Ofer Nordheimer Nur

Specializes in the history and the critical sociology of cyberspace, focusing on questions of gender, masculinity, and pornography in the online world.





Dr. Noa Gedi

The academic manager of "Philosophy, Science and Digital Culture." She specializes in modern philosophy, in critical theory, in philosophy of history, and in philosophy of culture, with a special emphasis on questions of meaning and representation.




Dr. Itzhak Yosef

Specializes in the philosophy and history of science, and in mathematics and physics, specifically in the causal structure of space-time in the general theory of relativity.






Dr. Kuti Shoham

Specializes in Greek and modern philosophy, in philosophy of economics, in philosophy of psychology, and in existentialism, focusing on controversies.


Dr. Hagit Keysar

Researches and creates visual digital culture. She specializes in open code communities, participation technologies, and communitarian civil science, with a special emphasis on the politics of aerial space and civil bird’s-eye view in the age of multirotor.





Dr. Idan Shimoni

Specializes in modern philosophy, from John Lock and Gottfried Leibnitz to David Hume and Emanuel Kant, and in philosophy of management.




Dr. Ori Rotlevi

Specializes in the history of modern philosophy and in continental philosophy, focusing on practices of political resistance in the Marxist tradition and in Foucault.






Dr. Oren Bader

Specializes in phenomenology, philosophy of mind and cognition, and philosophy of biology, with a special emphasis on intersubjectivity and its alterations within mental disorders.


Dr. Sharon Avital

specializes in rhetoric and non-verbal communication, with a special emphasis on the relations between, body, emotion, and technology, combining traditional and academic knowledge.





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