Animals of the Past: Human-non-Human Animal Interactions and the Ancient Near East

כנס במכון לארכאולוגיה

21 ביוני 2021, 14:50 - 20:30 
ללא עלות
Animals of the Past


We are happy to invite you to the conference: "Animals of the Past: Human-non-Human Animal Interactions and the Ancient Near East".


The Agenda:

  • 14:50- Opening

Session 1: Human-non-Human Animal Bodies and Substances - 15:00 - 16:30

  • The Sacrificial Animal in Mesopotamia- Yoram Cohen.
  • Animal Sacrifice in I Millennium Babylonian Religious Contexts- Rocío Da Riva.
  • From Animal to Animal: Ritual Spitting and the Absorption of Evil in Hittite Anatolia- Romina Della Casa.

16:30 - 16:45: Break


Session 2: Human-non-Human Animal Conceptualizations - 16:45 - 18:45

  • Domestication and the Flattening of the Wild in the Ancient Near East- Benjamin S. Arbuckle.
  • The Hermeneutics of Human-Non-Human Interactions in Ancient Mesopotamian
    Divinatory Texts- Nicla De Zorzi.
  • Acting as Animals- Alice Mouton.
  • “Do Not Muzzle an Ox while it is Treading Out the Grain” (Deut. 25:4): Animal Ethics as a Unique Phenomenon in the Biblical Law- Idan Breier.

18:45 - 19:00: Break


Session 3: Human-non-Human Animal Materializations - 19:00 - 20:30

  • Habits and Habitats: Animal "Vignettes" in Neo-Assyrian Reliefs- Allison Thomason.
  • Animal Materializations as a Window into Social Bonds at Çatalhöyük- Lidnsay Der.
  • "Urban-Rural", "Producer-Consumer", "Public-Private" and "Continuity-Discontinuity" Binaries and Their Utility in Zooarchaeological Research: Case Studies from Central Anatolian Bronze Age- Levent Atici.


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