Animals, Society, and Religion in Asia

26 בפברואר 2017, 10:00 
בניין גילמן, חדר 496 
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Animals, Society, and Religion in Asia


Meir Shahar, Department of East Asian Studies



Galia Patt­Shamir, Chair, Department of East Asian Studies



Jianxiong Ma (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) "The Mining Industry and Mule Caravan Transportation in Yunnan from the 17th to 19th Century"


Huaiyu Chen (Arizona State University) "Language, Body, and Virtue: A Study on the Narratives of the Parrot's Enlightenment in Medieval Chinese Buddhism"


Thomas David DuBois (Australian National University) "Harbin and the origins of China's modern beef industry"


James Hevia (University of Chicago) "Surra and the Transformation of Veterinary Medicine in Colonial India"


Zhang Xing (Peking Univesity) "Tigers and Tiger­charmers in South and Southeast Asia"


Sunday, February 26, 2017; 10:00­ -13:00

Tel Aviv University, Gilman Building, Room 496.


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