The colloquium takes place on Thursdays 16:00-17:30 at Webb 103 (unless otherwise announced). After the colloquium refreshments are served at Webb 405.

School of Philosophy, Linguistics, and Science Studies
Thursday Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Winter 2019-Spring 2019
The Interface between Syntax and Theory of Mind in Pronoun Use of Children with Autism; read more
Rama Novogrodsky

University of Haifa
Allomorphy and Abstractness: Empirical Considerations; read moresee handout Renate Raffelsiefen

Institute for German Language, Mannheim
On Timing of Ellipsis: Evidence from Parasitic Deletion Processes; read more
David Erschler

Ben-Gurion University
Representation and Learning of Quantificational Determiners; read more Noa Peled

Tel Aviv University
Countability Expressions in Hungarian: Can Classifiers and a Mass-Count Distinction Coexist? read more Bridget Schvarcz

Bar-Ilan University
Hierarchical Processing with Sequential Models? read more Yoav Goldberg

Bar-Ilan University
Homogeneity and the Distributive-Collective
Distinction; read more*

.Note that the lecture will be delivered on a Tuesday, at 14:00*
Moshe Bar Lev

École Normale Supérieure, Paris


Intra-Dialect Diversity in Palestinian Arabic; read more Ori Shachmon

The Hebrew University
Russian Diminutives and the Semantics of Measure, Size, and Individuation; read more
Keren Khrizman
Bar-Ilan University
Towards a Relational Eigenplace; read more Jurģis Šķilters

University of Latvia
The Semantics of Prenominal Possessives in Russian; read more Maria Gepner

Bar-Ilan University
The Cognitive Neuropsychology of Verbal Alternations; read more
Yuval Katz

Tel Aviv University


Colloquia of Previous Semesters

School of Philosophy, Linguistics, and Science Studies
Thursday Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Fall 2018-Winter 2019
Language from Gesture: Case Studies from Kenya and Mexico; read more
Kate Mesh and Hope Morgan

University of Haifa
Grammaticalization Paths of Rectification Constructions; read more Ruti Bardenstein

Tel Aviv University
No Case for Case (or Gender) in Stamford Hill Hasidic Yiddish; read more
Kriszta Szendroi, in collaboration with Zoe Belk and Lily Kahn

University College London
A Non-Unified Account of Obligatory "Focused" Expressions in Hungarian; read more Flóra Lili Donáti

Université Paris 8 - SFL, CNRS
American Sign Language Pronouns and Their Acquisition; read more Diane Lillo-Martin

University of Connecticut
Who Is Your Name?; read more David Gil

Max Planck Institute
The Spontaneous EMERGEnce of Recursion in Child Language; read more
Stephen Crain

Macquarie University
Positional Allomorphy: Pausal vs. Context Forms in Tiberian Hebrew; read more Roman Himmelreich

Tel Aviv University
Ellipsis Licensing and Redundancy Reduction: A Focus-Based Approach; read more
Hadas Kotek
Yale University
Mapping Natural Language Questions and Commands into Programs; read more Jonathan Berant

Tel Aviv University
Quantifier Float with Overt Restriction; read more; see handout Daniel Margulis

Minimum and Maximum Constructions: Semantics and Argumentation; read more Nicole Katzir

Tel Aviv University


School of Philosophy, Linguistics, and Science Studies
Thursday Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Winter 2018-Spring 2018
Expression of Negation in Hebrew: From Grammar to Co-Speech Gestures; read more
Anna Inbar and Leon Shor

Tel Aviv University
The Interrelation between Root and Nominal-Pattern Extraction in the Course of the Morphological Decomposition of Hebrew Words in a Fast Priming Procedure for Sentence Reading; read more Avital Deutsch

The Hebrew University
Analyses of Japanese 'Internally-Headed' Relatives, and the Pitfalls of Homophony; read more
Alex Grosu & Koji Hoshi

Tel Aviv & Keio Universities
From Predication to Prediction: Grammaticalization of the Temporal, Aspectual, and Modal Senses of the Hebrew Past Tense Copula; read more Elior Elkayam

Tel Aviv University
The New Field of Afro-Eurasian (Silk Road) Linguistics; read more Paul Wexler

Tel Aviv University
Strictly Incremental Parsing, Unconscious Deletion, and C-Command; read more Omer Rosenbaum

Tel Aviv University
On Abilities and Priorities: Existential Possessive Modals in Hebrew; read more
Aynat Rubinstein

The Hebrew University
Constraints on Propositional Anaphora; read more Todd Snider

Cornell & Hebrew Universities

Working Memory, Speech Perception, and Eye-movements: The Interaction of Working Memory Load, Working Memory Span, and Noise on Spoken Word Recognition; read more

Boaz Ben-David
IDC Herzliya, University of Toronto, & Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
On the Syntactic Abilities of Recurrent Neural Networks; read more Tal Linzen

Johns Hopkins University
Must/Need, May/Can, and the Scope of Negation: The Downside of Logical Paraphrases; read more Patrick Duffley

Laval University


School of Philosophy, Linguistics, and Science Studies
Thursday Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Fall 2017-Winter 2018
02.11 Luka Crnič

The Hebrew University
Some Questions in the Theory of Antonymy; read more
09.11 Galia Hatav

University of Florida
Secondary Predication and Converbs in Hebrew; read more
16.11 Annamária Kresztyankó

Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
Language Socialization and Hierarchy: Identity, Ethnicity, and Language Practice of Gypsy Children in Hungary; read more
23.11 Gabi Danon

Bar-Ilan University
The Hebrew Genitive Alternation: Empirical Data and Theoretical Questions; read more
30.11 Julie Fadlon

The Hebrew University
It Depends: Structural Choices in the Production of Filler-Gap Dependencies;
read more
07.12 Ravit Melamed

Tel Aviv University
Processing Costs of Non-Canonical Word Order Sentences in Hebrew; read more
14.12 Itamar Shatz

Tel Aviv University
Phonological Selectivity in the Acquisition of English Clusters; read more
21.12 Isabelle Charnavel

Harvard University
Independence from Perspective: French (Exempt) Anaphora; read more
28.12 Jonathan Avidan

Tel Aviv University
The Rhyming Grammar of Modern English: A Study in Musical Theater; read more
04.01 Eli Dresner

Tel Aviv University
Formal Proofs and Textual Cohesion;
read more
11.01 Moshe Ziat

Tel Aviv University
Null Complement Anaphora and Null Object in Hebrew; read more
18.01 Yakir Dalal

Tel Aviv University
The Controlled Passive in Hebrew;
read more



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