Study Programs

Undergraduate Program (BA)

The first year of studies is intended to equip students with a broad and multifaceted understanding of the biblical literature, as well as a general proficiency in the biblical corpus. The advanced, second and third years are designed to broaden and deepen the skills of close reading and textual research, alongside exposure to a variety of elective courses on various subjects of biblical research and related fields.







Compulsory courses:



Introduction to the Hebrew Bible I+II



Accompanying Exercise to the Introduction I+II



Close reading in biblical text: Beginners I+II



Intercultural Reading of the Bible in Ancient Near Eastern Context



Introduction to Medieval Biblical Exegesis



Accompanying Exercise to the Medieval Exegesis



Versions and Translations of the Bible



Biblical Hebrew: Language and Style



Bibliographical Guidance



Elective courses:



Close reading in biblical text: Advanced



Various elective courses, at least



2nd year seminar



3rd year seminar









Graduate Program (MA)

The MA studies are intended to equip students with a deep, varied and multifaceted understanding of the biblical literature. The program takes two years, and for the convenience of the students, courses are condensed into a single weekly day (Tuesday).  

MA students are supported by a range of scholarships, covering up to about 50% of their tuition.

Requirements for Admission include:

  1. Minimal final average grade of 80 in the BA degree.
  2. Students whose BA is in another discipline, or those who have come from other institutions, may be required to enroll in supplementary courses (from the BA program) according to faculty regulations and the direction of the Counselor for MA students. Supplementary courses must be completed with an average grade of at least 80.   


The Department of Biblical Studies offers two tracks of study: Research Track (with MA thesis) and Theoretical Track (without MA thesis).


Research Track

Theoretical Track

Course load: 28 credits (35% of the final grade)

Course load: 36 credits (50% of the final grade)

One seminar paper (15% of the final grade)

Two seminar papers under the supervision of two different teachers (30% of the final grade)

MA thesis (50% of the final grade)

Final Examination** (20% if the final grade)

Second foreign language (either ancient or modern)*




* The requirement for a second foreign language is satisfied either by passing both beginner and advanced levels or by passing an exemption examination equal to the advanced level. The particular language is selected in accordance with the topic of the thesis and in consultation with the thesis advisor.


** The Final Examination includes a unit of chapters from the Hebrew Bible with relevant bibliography as determined by the Department. Examination dates are published on the departmental website. Students should register for the exam at the department’s secretariat not later than two weeks before its date. 


PhD Program

A PhD degree in Biblical Studies is offered within the framework of the Chaim Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies and Archaeology. More details can be found in the PhD Students section at the website of the Academic Secretariat, and on the website of Chaim Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies and Archaeology.


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